Thursday, July 14, 2011

The swamp

I flew from Zagreb to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Houston. I had some trouble with my visa, but the security guy in Frankfurt helped me take care of it. So for future travelers: you MUST get your visa called ESTA before you start your trip. My last flight was from Houston to Lafayette where I arrived on July 2 in the afternoon. After a warm welcome from my sis' and her dude I experienced the southern heat for the first time. Insane! They took me to Lake Martin to see alligators and they taught me all about the red necks and then we went home where I ate spaghetti and no-meatballs. Yummy!!!

On July 4th my sister and I had a barbecue dinner in red, white, and blue and then we went to the park in Lafayette to see fireworks. I must say I expected more of it ... It was a short firework show with orchestra playing on big TV screens. Instead of live show with boom, boom, boom!!!

The dinner

Justice is blind

The next day Mateja took me to Vacherie to the plantations down the River Road. First we visited Oak Alley where we took the tour of the plantation house and learnt about its history. We also took some great pictures of the oaks in front of the house and then moved onto Laura Plantation.

The beautiful entrance 
Sis on the oaks

At Laura Plantation we learnt about Creoles who are a mixture of native Americans, western African brought as slaves and European immigrants (mainly French).


One day Nick took Mateja and I shooting skeet. We had a blast! I hit 5 out of 6 still targets but could not hit the flying one. On the other hand, Mateja hit the flying one with her eyes shut but could not hit the still one. It was more fun than I expected and that showed as the bruises on our shoulders.

My first shot
Nick showing off
Mateja shooting
Used casings

The day before we left Louisiana we went back to the Lake Martin. We put the boat in the lake and took some amazing photos. We saw a snake, spoonbills, blue herons, but we couldn't find alligators. It is so different and amazing, I loved it. When we got to the shore a man asked us how many fish we had caught. He couldn't understand that we had only taken the boat ride because they catch fish on daily basis. That is also why they think that vegetarians eat fish and that we don't really eat anything ... They actually say that we are screwed if we don't eat animals!

Water lily 
The view
Me, hiding form the spider
Shit stuck to our motor
Donuts! =D
Well, we're doing just fine ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little miss America

First thoughts? Super-sized, simplified, too friendly but discourteous, low fat but greasy and, as my sister would say, same, same but different.